Saturday, July 2, 2011

What We Want

(Last night I had a conversation with a dear friend…one of those conversations that makes you really examine your thoughts and ideas on an issue. Here’s the results.)
We all want something. Different things, different reasons. And sometimes we know what steps, what paths to take to get them. Other times…we’re groping around in the dark.
Sometimes we have access to some things others want. Hell, that’s the currency this Tinsel Town runs on.  People in power hold the keys to doors to the dreams of the powerless. But in reality- no one is completely powerless.
As Hollywood goes, I am not even remotely a celebrity. I am singularly high on ‘The “V” List’;).  However, this week, I was able to get something for someone else based on my “V” List status…. I happened to know someone who happened to be looking for someone to do EXACTLY what my friend wanted. So little effort was required on my part…and someone else was made so happy.
It felt good.  To work together, instead of against. In our popularity-contest-vote-for-every-damn-thing-culture, we are in competition with our peers for careers, prestige, status. But what if we weren’t?
Perhaps I’m sounding like a Communist, but as a friend recently said, “It’s time to bring back a good old-fashioned Red Scare.” ( I jest- even as I type, my phone is being tapped….).
But seriously…
What do you want?
What do your friends want?
What do your acquaintances want?
O_O - What do your enemies want?
Maybe you have it.
Maybe you can help them.
Maybe they can help you.
…Maybe we can all get what we want.
Conventional wisdom and Mick Jagger will tell you that you can’t ALWAYS get what you want, but once in a while…? Wouldn’t the world be a  little sweeter if we all tried to fulfill each others dreams along with our own?
Let’s try something. This week, tell people what you want. Tweet it, Tumble it, FB it. Then find out what OTHERS want. And GIVE.
If everyone’s giving…someone’s bound to receive.
At the end of the week- we may just have made everyone’s summer a little brighter.:)
Let’s get what we want.
Thanks, Kacie.

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