Saturday, May 14, 2011

Metal: Women not Weapons

Who says women can’t get along?
Apparently, a lot of people.  In the workplace, women craftily bully underlings, while schools report female bullying is on the rise to an alarming degree. And social networking is rampant with mean girl antics that would have astonished our mothers.
On the dating scene, the blame is placed on the disproportionate ratio of eligible men to single women. In professional settings, it is noted that there are, many times, so few ‘spots’ for women in the ‘upper ranks’ that any newcomer is seen as a threat to the women in those spots. So they protect their territories- with gusto.
It seems in every facet of society, women are struggling to find harmony- and, no pun intended, the music world is no different.  However, it seems one group of women have found the key to unity- and they are using it to give back.

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