Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!!! “Somewhere you’ve never been, someplace you’ve never seen.”

"If the path be beautiful, let us ask not where it leads." ~Anatole France

Here we are, folks. December 31, 2010, on the eve of a New Year!  And most of us, at the beginning of 2010, could never have predicted where we would be at this moment!

Which is what is so awe-inspiring about the journey- you can't see to the end of the road, because if you could, you would lose immeasurably: the excitement of suspense, the strength to be found in hope and faith, the character to be gained from disappointment.

And I'm not going to lie to you and say that I'm not disappointed. Because I am. But that's part of life and part of this business.  It's not the first time, and it won't be the last.

Many times I have been frustrated by a situation that didn't go as I'd have liked, only to discover months down the line that another way was better, or that the way I'd planned could even have led to disaster. The Good Lord knows what He's doing; even if we don't always know what He's doing:)

And as much as we believe in the power of following one's dreams, there is a very tangible and very practical side to this business of music.  We don't know what factors were involved in the plans for New Year's Eve, and I wouldn't begin to hazard a guess. But I do know that things happen- or don't happen- for a reason. And in this case, it must not have been meant to be.

However, the path has been beautiful! I am humbled and blessed by the people I have met, and now call friends, that I might not have ever known, had I not undertaken this adventure!  And believe me- your voices WERE HEARD. Maybe not in the way we'd hoped...But heard no less!

By me, by the others you shared the music with, by countless people who were brought together these last 2 months by a common purpose and a common belief. And THAT is what art is about. Our shared humanity. In whatever form it takes.

And many forms it did take!  I sat down and tried to list everyone who contributed, and I couldn't do it without either writing a 3-page blog or being sure to leave someone out. However, I'll give it a shot!  First let me say this: The Whiskey Warriors, The Echelon, and those who became The Whiskey Echelon are some of the most generous, supportive, loving people I know.

Some were my evening Twitter chat posse, others ripped video (Kacie!) and designed avatars (Sophie!) and wrote 3-part articles and blogs (Buffy and the French Echelon!). Others were cheerleaders sending me quotes (Sara!) and tweeting their faces off to get the word out (Chloe!). And others wrote poetry (Scarlet!) and sent such encouragement, there was no way I could give up! (Annette, Karla, Alyxa, Anissa, Elizabeth, Michelle, Ray, Artemis, Antje, Clive, Caits, Vanessa, Janice, Rev & the Mrs., Gizem, Claudi, Wonetka, Miranda, Jane, Marta, Lauren, Rhiannon, Ade, Gerry, Fergus, Angela, Lisa, Shanice, Jenno, Iris, Mary, Sol, Cindy, Nadia, Korrine...) And of course, the remainder of the 342  amazing people who not only signed the Twitition, but asked their friends to do so as well.  To all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Extra special thanks to the Whiskey Divas- Tricia (PR rep. extraordinairre), Jette (Holland), Susana (Spain), Kimberly (US), and Liuba (Greece), who each went above and beyond, spreading the word and the music to their respective regions. At one point, they were literally tweeting around the clock in shifts it seemed; my iPhone was constantly aquiver.:) Someday, girls- drinks on me!:)

...Because the path goes on!  We have big plans for 2011, not the least of which is a new record, which we are VERY excited about. My writing has taken a decidedly harder edge, and we don't want to give away too much now, but suffice it to say...

Be sure to wear a belt, because we plan to rock your ass off.

In the meantime, I will be be playing in the SoCal area and streaming whenever possible. We'll definitely keep you up to date!

And so- Happy New Year, my friends!

Follow your hearts; follow your dreams, regardless of the outcome.  There is beauty to be found in every moment, if only we will seek it.

"Don't turn around. Where you go becomes the place you'll be."

Love, VK


SpyderRogue said...

Ahh and what a beautiful journey it was traveling with you thru 2010. I can not wait to see what 2011 brings with your music and insights. Thank you for being you, a sweet beautiful and talented woman.
Love to love you darlin' I got my belt on and I am ready for the ride, let's do this!!


HelleEchelon-Norway said...

You are amazing! An inspiration to all of us dreamers and believers! Echelon's got your back! <3