Saturday, July 3, 2010

I never know who I am, until I stare into this glass...

Tomorrow all of us in the U.S. celebrate our independence...on a smaller scale, I do as well- the 4th of July I became independent of my mother's womb.

It's been quite a year, and this last month has packed in any last bits of challenge that hadn't made their ways into the other 11. So perhaps it's appropriate that as I start another chapter in this VK Lynne story, I am reminded again of who I am- good and bad.

Whiskey or Water is more than a song for me- it's the most important thing I've ever learned about this earthly life, it's the explanation for all the mistakes I've made, it's really, in a nutshell, who I am. To know and feel this song is to know VK Lynne.

So it became the title track and my anthem, my mantra, my modus operandi. Thus when my friend PJ, filmmaker fantastique, called and said "Let's make a music video", we decided on Whiskey or Water...It was the best choice for a first video, because it very clearly introduces- me.

PJ Gaynard, the jolly mastermind behind , Goat Milk Fudge Productions was first brought into my sphere as a replacement DP on our web series, Trading on 15. His work, and overall awesome personality, was so unimpeachable that we continued past the first 3 agreed upon episodes, and shot the next 2- which will be completed and up on the new Trading on 15 website soon- but that's another blog:).

PJ is a full-steam ahead, shoot first, ask questions later kinda guy, which I dig the hell out of, and so, even though we had NO budget, and neither of us had the extra time, we set about shooting.

We were blessed with locations that serendipitously appeared from kind, generous friends- Jessica Duffy and Clark Schaefer happened to have a baby grand piano in their garage that they were willing to let us shoot in, and Jessica "Playbunny" Duenas and Ozzy of the Tribe not only allowed us to take over their home and the fabulous 'O'Bar that Ozzy built himself, but Bunny also appeared in the video.

We'd gotten the Whiskey, but we still needed the Water, so I turned to the owner of the largest body of water that I knew, Brad Myers. Brad played bass for me for 4 years, and has had and will have rambling philosophical discussions in his hot tub with me, hopefully, for many more...he and his wife Debi allowed us use of their backyard and pool, and voila! The shooting wrapped.

And now here it- so, in honor of the many birthdays that the 4th of July brings, I give you Whiskey or Water- the first video from the CD. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share it with your friends, enemies, relatives- anyone who might need a little whiskey:)

Or water.


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