Monday, January 25, 2010

NEW REVIEW! VK Lynne Serves Up a Shot: by Johnny Price

Do you ever watch American Idol? If so, you may have heard Simon mention a performer having the "it" factor. It's like a quality that's hard to exactly define, but you know it when you see or hear an artist perform. The first time I heard that distinct voice of V.K. Lynne, I could tell that she was different. I can tell you that she has that "it" factor and she is a young star that is about to burst loose on this dismal music scene that we are being subjected to right now.

Her newest CD is entitled "Whiskey Or Water" and one listen will set your senses on fire. This is her third Cd and she approached it much differently than the first two. "The new Cd is different in many ways. First of all, it was different in process. I went to Denmark to work with an amazing producer, James Thomas(Cher/Beth Hart), who really had a handle on what I was trying to say lyrically. We set out to make the best record we could; style, expectations and convention be damned! It's different writing-wise in that this record has an arc. Each songs details chronologically a different piece of the story of what I've been through and learned over the last two years. I think it's different in sound in that it's much more blues and rock than my previous work; which is where I've wanted to be all along and which is absolutely fitting considering the lyrical content," said Lynne.

VK has a very unique voice. The first thing that I thought of was the innocence of Jewel's voice with the harder edge of Melissa Etheridge mixed in. Her CD is somewhat of a photo album with each song being a snapshot that captures an aspect of her life over the last few years. "The song 'Whiskey or Water' was written around probably the lowest point of my life. I was struggling with anorexia and self-destructing. I was drinking too much, working too much, making bad choices, hanging out with negative people, not sleeping or eating enough and was pretty much miserable. I sat on my couch and cried for three days and at the end of it, I'd written 'Whiskey or Water'. It's probably the most important thing I have learned and I'm still not quite there, that everything has it's place and time and that moderating those things is what life is about. Too much of one thing means not enough of another. Some people and things are water; you can have unlimited amounts and you only benefit. Others are whiskey, one shot and you're probably good for the night and anymore and you may get sick," responded Lynne.

"Whiskey or Water", the title track to her new CD is a very powerful and emotional song. This song is a prime example of the power of her voice and how she makes the listener feel the impact of what she is singing. "Mess Like You" is another favorite of mine. It is a completely different song in context and style. This song is very fun and shows a sexier side to Lynne. "Salvation In The Skies" is actually a Christmas themed song but probably could be played year round and enjoyed just as much. I think this song is the best example of how pure her voice truly is.

I had to ask for the story behind another favorite track of mine "Dust Between the Dirt." Lynne told me, "I actually wrote this song a long time ago, it was essentially for my foster brother whose parents died when he was young. There was alot of hypocrisy from the local church surrounding the death of his father and it struck me that people may seem to be "good" from the outside, but they can be just as "bad", or worse,on the inside as the people they are condemning."

I really enjoyed this CD and I continue to listen to key tracks on it. Lynne mixes up rock and blues and ties all her songs together with religious undertones that are subtle sometimes but make a great point. You can learn more about her at her official website, or her MySpace page, or on Facebook. Jump on the bandwagon now before it fills up and you can say that you were here for the ride from the start!

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