Friday, January 29, 2010

Muzik Reviews- VK Lynne

VK Lynne
Whiskey or Water

VK Lynne is a blues rocker with soul. Soul that’s derived from strong Christian beliefs and a stark honesty that’s unfiltered in her music. It’s readily apparent that she’s being doing this for a while - an inherent confidence flows through Whiskey or Water, punctuating each syllable she sings.

Her latest effort is a heart-on-the-sleeve recollection of the last three years the singer has experienced. And what a journey its been, her passage through that period including struggles with anorexia, Hollywood, religious hypocrisy and love has been a long road.

The album provides great evidence into VK Lynne’s grasp of melody and cadence that puts several modern acts to shame. Tracks like the dark and sprawling “Dust Between The Dirt” and the pure and sincere effusiveness that is imbued from songs like the gliding “He Rolls” is pretty refreshing. Elsewhere, [on her previous release, Black Halo] the heartbreaking “Her End of The Phone” and “Black Halo” with its expressive reprises, sound like mainstream country standards.

On Whiskey or Water, VK Lynne comes close to reaching indie perfection and flourishes a vulnerability that should make her a queen of this often turbulent musical landscape. She wears her scars well and brings strength to several of the autobiographical songs on this well executed record.


-Rukshan Thenuwara, Muzik Reviews


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