Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Beverly Hills, The Thrill of Film and Ma soeur...

Well, we're gearing up for next week's show, and I gotta tell you; if you're in town, don't miss it. Not only is it in Beverly Hills, on a block where you can cook and eat your eggs right off the sidewalk, it's so friekin' clean, but we've got a healthy set length AND the show is going to be shot for an upcoming edition of the music webisode "Liner Notes". Should be a fabulous night all round- not to mention, and I may be biased, but the boys are sounding pretty stinkin' incredible these days. Last week's rehearsal just about terrified all of us, it was so solid.
The guys seem to be losing weight in solidarity with me:)- Jake announces his body fat percentage at the start of every rehearsal it seems, and Rem, while still taking up impressive vertical space, is horizontally demanding less of the time space continuum. On my end, I'm trying to maintain, although Rem has designated my "Little Caesar's Weight". He says if I drop to it, I go directly to Little Caesar's and eat a whole pizza immediately, no questions asked. I hover about 3 pounds above it, so away from me PIZZA PIZZA!


The video for Trading on 15 is still in production, I went to watch some shooting Monday night, and ended up helping out, and before I knew it, it was 2:30 a.m. I was bleary and crotchety the next day, but the video is going to be great. I'll let you know as soon as it's up and ready for the masses!


My baby sister graduates from college this Saturday. She sent me an invitation; inside there is a little card where the students can write down their names and degrees. In her true "Bean" style, hers reads:

NAME: Kelly Mintzer
DEGREE: Verbal Espionage

My sister is the smartest person I know. And I know some smart people (have I told you about Rem..?) But Kelly will blow up the world one day- I've said that since she was sitting in a corner, glaring at said world over a copy of King Lear- at 9 years old.
They say twins have a special bond- Kell and I could be twins if my mother had been giving birth for 10 years. By the time Kellybean (as she became known, and has since been shortened to "Bean") was 8, I was gone. I left my house at 18, as fast and as far as my truck could take me. My brother was only 2 years older than her, so they became close. Oh sure, I blew in for Christmas and funerals and weddings, but I missed their proms and their birthdays and- to some degree- their lives.
As we get older, the years don't mean as much, but the miles are brutal. We e-mail and call, but some days I wish I had those years back when they were babies, and I was feeding them, reading them bedtime stories, singing them to sleep.
I was moving so fast, trying to get OUT, those things just became a blur on the sidelines.
But for Kell- add insult to injury, she had a sister who left behind her FACE. Teachers called her "Viki" right up until the end of high school. I was in PA for Christmas one year, and went to her choir concert. As we were walking out, I noticed a guy I'd been friends with in high school- I thought I could sneak by unnoticed, after all, I had changed a lot in ___ years. We walked by, and I heard him say "Viki!" I kept walking. Then I heard "Victoria Lynne" and he reached out and grabbed Kelly's arm. She turned to him hotly and said "I'm NOT Viki." He looked puzzled, and I realized I couldn't stay quiet any more. So I walked over and said "I am." His eyes got huge as he looked back and forth at us. "Then who is..?" "This is my sister."
Carving out a 'Kelly' from a block that looked like 'Viki' hasn't been easy. But I'm so deeply proud of who she has become; she is fiercely her own woman: intelligent, clever, talented, compassionate, pragmatic and beautiful.
She is a budding novelist, waiting in the wings, and sometimes I feel like I am the opening act for the main attraction.
When she hits the world's stage...I wouldn't want to try to follow her.
Saturday she gets one step closer- One more milestone I'll miss.
The show must go on.

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Aimee said...

Congratulations to Kelly! -- I remember when she was a precocious child with voluminous locks sitting in your dorm room :)