Friday, April 11, 2008

"We can't kill plastic roses"

Wednesday night we returned to the Derby, where the audience was confused by the couches.
One woman said "I want to rock out and throw my panties...but somehow- I feel I'm SUPPOSED to sit on the couch because it's...THERE."
It's true- somehow the presence of a couch or chair seems to say- "We are EXPECTING you to sit- Now plant your ass."

Regardless of the hostile furniture, the crowd was vocal from their leather thrones, and I can only call the return of Plastic Roses to the set a remarkable success. Plastic Roses is one of those songs that truly sums up my 'sound', if you will, bluesy and salty, with a little bit of 'poignancy' (I'm pronouncing the 'G' just for you, baby).

So it's not that I don't like the song. Shit, I wrote it. The problem is that it builds almost TOO much to the chorus; and by the time we get there, the guys are in high gear; and there's so much testosterone flying around that chest hair is growing on Jake's kick drum. With that kind of machismo momentum, the words get buried.
And that is the pitchfork I will carry through the streets like a peasant woman chasing Frankenstein's monster; THE LYRICS. I lived 'em, wrote 'em, sweated through singing 'em out in the open for all the world, and damn it, you WILL hear them.

Joe has been pulling for the song for weeks now, and giving me the evil eye every time I pass it up on a set list, but this time I thought, "Oh, hell, let's just have a run at it". But we worked it first- a lot. And I stopped them every time I felt like I was screaming into oblivion, to ask them to keep it under CONTROL, louder is not better- it's just LOUDER.

Well, it all paid off, because The Ladies (2 supercool fans that come out to nearly every show, and shall henceforth be referred to as- The Ladies) were very pleased, and commented that they hadn't seen it since Molly Malones, and they'd liked it so much, and then it just...went away.

Kinda like our rehearsal space! (Nice segue, huh?). We've moved yet again, and I think we may have finally found our niche. Jake's place was nice; it felt cozy to have something 'our own', but in the end we had to set up and take down the P.A. every rehearsal; and this new place is just easier.

And in other exciting news (yeah, I don't know that the rehearsal space was 'exciting', but it's news) we've got a new intern!! Everyone, say hello to Judson McKinney! Judson's MySpace Page
Judson is a musician in his own right, and is a thoroughly lovely human being- He's running the 'business' at the shows, and soon will be bustling about he label office. Please go to his MySpace and show him some love!!!!

We're booking busily for the summer, so we hope to see you at a show soon! Keep watching the MySpace calendar!

***Update from 'The Truth"***:

I want to thank everybody who has sent me such kind messages and has been supportive while I recover- My doctor wants me to SLEEP as much as possible over the next few months, stick to my Whole Foods diet of vegetarian proportions and take my supplements.
The last two are easy, the first is hard:) So much to do- and I want you to know, I'm still rockin'- I just sleep all day first before a show!!!:)
Our target date is July 4th- my birthday! -That's the day we're hoping I get the all-clear from my doctor that I am FIRMLY back in the saddle!!!! Keep prayin' for me, and know- I'm always prayin' for y'all!!!!

Love, VK

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Aimee said...

V - you know I read this blog and I'm such a lurker, but I just wanted to comment and tell you I "love you more than my luggage" (how many times did you tell me that in college? :)
I'll try to comment more, but I just wanted you to know that I'm always out here in the ether, praying for you :)