Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"When Are We Going on Tour?"

We all got back from our respective homelands for the holidays last week, and judging from the e-mails, phone calls and texts I was getting, the guys were ready to get rehearsing again. So we set a time for Wednesday night, and on Wednesday afternoon, Jake, the drummer, calls me.

"We can't use the PA anymore"

We've recently moved our rehearsals to Jake's rental space due to work schedule time conflicts, and we really like the new room- good vibe, no pressure. But...

"Yeah, so can you bring yours?"

It just so happens that Sean and I have an ancient PA that we bought for a whole other reason, that's a whole other story, and we've been trying to unload it on Craigslist for months, but perhaps we were unsuccessful in that endeavor just for this moment.

"Sure- Sean's coming to rehearsal tonight anyway, and he knows how to hook this monster up, so it's all good".

So we all get there, and it's amazing how easy it is to get a ton of audio crap out of your car and into a room when you have four hulking guys doing all the lifting. In my defense- I supervised.

Sean begins running wires, and Jake comes over to me:

"So when are we going on tour?"

Jake asks me this about every three seconds, so it is endearing, at this moment, that he's picked up exactly where he left off before we all left for Christmas.

" As soon as Mommy gets some money, darlin'. Now get behind your set."

We talk a little about our rollicking show at the Cat Club before the break, and about Joe's MAJESTIC save, which earned him the new nickname Shot Glass DeSa:

The night of the show Joe forgot his slide- I wigged. He said he'd fix it. The second song, Whiskey or Water, opens with a dirty slide intro. I was putting my guitar down from the first song, when I heard the filthiest slide sound coming out of Joe...it was gorgeous.

The audience was cheering.

He was playing the guitar with a shot glass.
It shall go down in Sexifunk Magic history.

Back to rehearsal, where Jake LEAPS over his kit saying:

"That's it, we're playing with a click from now on- The click creates trust."

Jake is energetic. And that is the HEIGHTH of meiosis when I say that. Try drinking a case of Red Bull, a gallon of Mountain Dew and then eating 10 bags of Skittles, and now you're in the BALLPARK of what it's like to be Jake.

He hooks up the click, which does bring everyone into the pocket, but it also makes Jake deaf to everything we're saying because he has these cans on his ears and he's yelling all his comments to us like we're in Tibet.

Remington points out that we STILL need to iron out Fight, the new blues song that he and I wrote together.
It is blues. I mean really blues. Like so blues that he may have to change his name to something bluesy like Soggy Drawers or something.

The other two balk; Jake likes to know what he's doing before we learn a song (I know...I know), and Joe hates an Ab chord that Remington slid into the chorus.

Remington turns to me and says:

"The irony is we're going to have to Fight to get this song done!"

Remington loves irony. He's delighted.

We take a break which entails us all sitting around for 10 minutes talking about ProTools and the PA, which is working 50 times better than we expected, and why the hell can't we make our own ultra-indie tracks to post to our good folks on MySpace? We decide to put that in the 2008 plan.

Sean leaves, and I say:

"OK- back to work"

"When are we touring?"

I sigh.

"Because my itinerary skills are really sharp right now."

I look at Joe, Joe looks at Remington, Remington looks at me.

We all look at Jake.

I dig in my pocket for my pick.

"From the top, gentlemen- Mess Like You"

Jake grins and counts it off.

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