Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All the news that's fit to print.

During rehearsal Tuesday, several times things occurred, and someone said "THAT'S gotta go in the blog!!!" However, I am trying not to work in blue here, so some of it will be edited to keep our PG-13 rating:)

Tuesday was a lot of fun- everyone arrived in a pretty nice humor. Joe was very cat-that-ate-the-canary over a contact he has that might cause me to have to bake for him for THE REST OF MY LIFE, Remington was excited about his new plan for microphone placement to see if we could get some decent rehearsal recordings, and Jake was pretty in his little headband (his hair length has reached such floppy proportions that he has to hold it back with a little black band). I was built for comfort in my husband's ancient St. Jos'. sweatshirt and the jeans that owe me nothing. Thus we began our rehearsal journey:)

Joe: "I've been thinking about Plastic Roses. And I think we had it- I mean it needs tightening, but I think we had it. I asked a friend of mine, whose opinion I respect, and he said all the elements are there."

VK: "Quite possibly- I may have just been crabby the other night, or my throat hurt, or what have you- we can give it another go."

Joe: "I'm not trying to be nosey- if I am, just tell me."

VK: "That's not nosey- nosey would be 'Hey, I think you should switch to a diaphragm from condoms'. That would be nosey."

This little exchange set the tone for the evening, with salacious comments flying about at random times.

I handed out set lists, because dammit, I'm good, and I remembered that I wanted them all to have the set for the Derby to start getting the framework of the show into their brains. We are working out some "interlude" type things to make the show more cohesive, so with Jake's ineffable "au, au, au" count off, we jumped into the set.

Almost immediately, Joe broke a string on Mess Like You, which was a good sign...we were all playing like we meant it:)

We got to Whiskey or Water, and Jake fiddled with the click, and we set into it. As soon as the vocals came in, I knew something was not right. However, I kept on, because I assumed it was me. But oy vey it felt fast. And I need to feel that song. And if I'm rushing....

We finished it and I said "Was that fast?"
Jake said "That was 74- that's what we've played it at the last 3 times."
I was puzzled- it seemed so much faster. I said "Am I crazy?"
The other two looked at me as if to say, "Is that rhetorical?"
I said "Well, look, I'm trying to, like, EMOTE here, if I ain't feeling it...OK- well, maybe drop it down to 72."
Jake grinned, "It was 79- I was kidding".

"Jake if I come back there!!!!"

I tried to look menacing over his toms, but my 5'3" stature is only so sinister.

We went into the next song, Find Me, which has really become the song that exemplifies what we call "The Joe DeSa Magick". He just puts this beautiful AURA around my melody, and it's heavenly. Really, there's no other word for it.

The rest of the set was cake, and we finally took 5 so that Joe could run to the pilfering soda machine, and Rem fiddled with the laptop. Jake was telling a story, when suddenly he said, "Wait! I could be smoking!"

He jumped up and went outside to blacken his little lungs, while Joe walked in guiltily with a Coke.

"I never drink this stuff- only on Tuesdays."

Rehearsal day, day of dietary sins:)

Jake came back and said, " I think I'm getting sloppy. Or tired. Or sloppy because I'm tired. But I think we should run it at least 2 more times."

Our little contradiction:)

On the last set, we were starting to drag- then we hit Black Halo. Suddenly, it was like a gust of happy air came into the room, and we played as if it was the last song we'd ever play.

Jake: "How did the whole fuckin' set blow- then that tune.."?

Joe: "We're super polite, then.."

Jake: "Then RUDE, and then RUDE"

Rem: "Kick over the amps.."

VK: "Exactly."

So that's what you can expect on Wednesday, folks:
We start out string- breaking rockin',
move into stuff I gotta FEEL,
then we're Magick,
super polite,
and then RUDE.

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